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La Isla Del Encanto

Posted by Cassie

Yesterday I was really feeling yearnings for the enchanted isle of Puerto Rico; the tropical weather, the beaches, the palms, the fruits, the salsa music, everything, so I started doodling while I was on a conference call. I had just finished reading Telex From Cuba (a great book btw) and thought of all the Havana-style designs during the 50′s. I brought home one of my doodles and then proceded to paint a picture. It is really bright and colorful, and kind of fun. Hopefully we can hang it on our wall.

It was interesting because as I was longing for Puerto Rico and painting, Britton received a phone call from Awilda. She ran into someone at the Dept of Natural Resources who may be able to help. She said it is just a matter of doing the work. With an election season, and without greasing palms, it may take a while longer, though. Awilda had talked to my mom about my dad’s health situation and wants him to come down and get checked out by her son or daughter. Awilda’s family is one of most well known in the alternative medicine scene there in PR. It is very cool that we happened to meet her. I think there is definitely a reason for everything. Her son is a chiropractor and her daughter is a naturopathic doctor.
La isla del encanto lives up to its name, and I become more enchanted with it every day.

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