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Blue Mustang of Death: Welcome to Colorado

Posted by Cassie

“Stare into my fiery eyes as I rear up on my hind legs and stomp you”, IT said. That’s what I first thought of when I saw IT:  The Blue Mustang of Death at Denver International Airport or DIA, now also known as Death Is Approaching.  Or maybe IT was just saying “Welcome to Colorado”.  We may never know.

When we came back from Puerto Rico, we noticed this big blue horse with red glowing eyes as we drove back home. A group of people have petitioned to have it taken down because some travelers are the anxious type, and like football fans, have their own superstitions. Especially when a neurotic and superstitious Denver Broncos fan also happens to be an anxious traveler. Is that a bronco or a…a… mustang?!!

It definitely is creepy, but cool in its own way. Without the glowing eyes, I don’t think it would have the kind of effect it has on people. Actually, it does kind of looks like the bronco at Mile High Stadium, only bigger and bluer, kinda like how Paul Bunyon liked his oxen.

Bronco Sculpture at Mile High Stadium `and`

blue mustang at DIA
Blue Mustang of Death at DIA

mustang-DIA Close up
Mustang Death Gaze

It also makes you wonder, what IS the difference between a mustang and a bronco*? Well, I have provided you that very answer in photo form. You can also check out a Puerto Rican bronco.

A Mustang `and`

A Bronco

But seriously -ok, not really seriously- but really, it seems like everyone has an opinion on this Blue Mustang near DIA. Apparently because the artist/sculptor was killed while making the beast, many believe it to be cursed. It also has another scary quality:  anatomical correctness. Have you ever seen a male horse’s anatomy? How about 5 times larger? On its hind legs? You get the picture.

The glowing blue monster has also brought out the aliens according to our local UFO abductees/conspiracy theorists. According to them, the Blue Mustang is the base for an underground alien city beneath DIA where strange creatures like Freemasons congregate.  For more on this, tune into AM radio at 3:33am on a Wednesday night or, read the New York Times article:


*When I looked up the difference between a mustang horse and a bronco horse, there really isn’t much of a difference. They are both North American feral horses often of Arabian descent.

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