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Borinquen Beach Aguadilla

Posted by Cassie

As part of a long, fun birthday weekend (which we will post more about soon) we will start at the end. One of my new friends shares my same birthday and she wanted to celebrate it at a new-to-me beach in Aguadilla they call Borinquen. It is near Wilderness Beach which we also have yet to check out, but is definitely on our list as well. (For those unfamiliar with Puerto Rico, Borinquen is the ancient native Taino word for the island.)

Golf courseDriving through the golf course to the beach

To access this beach one must drive through the Borinquen golf course which threw us off a little. The beach, like all beaches in Puerto Rico, is open to the public. This golf course/beach is very close to the BQN Aguadilla airport and is just gorgeous!

BQN beach PlaneAirplanes coming in low

The beach is nice, long and sandy with a sunset view. We talked and drank and snacked and overall enjoyed ourselves. Someone said it was a “Gidget Day” which I thought was a great name for it! :-)

IMG_0640 IMG_0629 IMG_0628
The two birthday girls and fun with friends on the beach

IMG_0630Long sandy beach with hardly anyone but our group on it

There are some rock outcroppings in the sea that appear to just float there. We are going to try and put together a floating party near those rocks hopefully someday soon.

BQN Beach Sunset
Floating rocks and cliff face at sunset

We love Borinquen Beach and would highly recommend it for a beach party!

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