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Trichome CD Release Party at the Aggie

Posted by Britton

Last night we hopped over to Fort Collins to check out a local band Trichome.  We’ve seen them a few times at different venues.  They held a free show in support of their CD release party.  We went with our friends Matt and Jamie and Isaac came down from Lafayette CO.

Before the show started.

RockBand, the game did a pretty good job of describing the progression of a band.  You start off doing small shows then bigger and bigger and gain more and more fans.  Trichome has done a pretty good job and now they are releasing their CD.  We have noticed a change in their style too.  What we first appreciated about them was their ability to play reggae.  They’ve taken on a more funk/disco persona from what we’ve seen in the past.

Cool Stage Lights

I think for us the change in music style isn’t exactly what we like because we’ve followed them as a reggae band. But  I wish them well and have seen a remarkable improvement in their performances.  They are getting more and more professional and it seems that they have a pretty big following!

Short Video Of their Entrance (video sound really sucks)

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