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African Spurred Tortoise in Greeley

Posted by Cassie

We were driving around Greeley today and Britton turned his head and said, “Is that…Is that…alive? What is that?…Wait, it moved!” So we stopped and saw…an African Spurred Tortoise trying to cross a pretty major street in Greeley.


We were worried it was going to get run over and we were curious so we stopped and checked it out. When we realized it wasn’t a snapping turtle and wasn’t going to bite us, we tried picking it up.

The Tortoise and…the Cassie

We looked at the back of its shell and it had a tag embedded in it that said it belonged to the house we were in front of. We heard some sawing or something going on in the backyard so we walked with the turtle back there to see if we could find someone to return him to. Which we did. We talked with the owner who not only had this cool tortoise but also chickens like us! I think I like tortoises now too…in addition to cows and everything else :-) I am a little more familiar with cows though than with tortoises; that’s just not something you see every day on the streets of Greality.



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