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Fun out and About: Rincón, Mayaguez and Boquerón

Posted by Cassie

We’ve been getting much further with the cabin. We now have the drywall installed and are working on the flooring. So close to moving in! But we’ve also been taking some time to go out and have a little fun! Staying close to home we spent a nice afternoon with some friends at Steps Beach. It was a bit rainy, but the water was warmer than the air! We slid around on the slimy mossy rocks, snorkeled and dove for pebbles and just lazed in the water and on the beach.

Silly girls!

My view as I floated around

I also found a great sturdy vine and I just had to climb and swing from it. I think I am becoming more and more monkey living on this island!

Hey, hey I’m a monkey!

Before our band practice I also had a chance to have a little chat with the horse that is pastured where we park. We’ve been watching him grow from a foal to a young horse and it’s pretty cool.

Horse talk

We go into what we call “town” about once a week now for materials for the cabin. Usually that means Mayaguez, but sometimes it’s to Aguadilla. This time when we went to Mayaguez we stopped at the area near the water that they use for the “ferry.”

El Faro del Abuelo
We stopped at this hole in the wall across the street from the water -Grandpa’s Lighthouse

The ferry according to some guy there in this case isn’t a lancha but rather a small cruise ship that goes to “Santo Domingo.” And I don’t mean Santo Domingo the capital city, but rather the word you may hear here more often than not for the Dominican Republic as a whole. But apparently this nice cruise ship is being repaired in Africa….The things you learn just hanging out.

Mayaguez Sunset
View of the water in Mayaguez near the “ferry” area

Climbing trees crop
The monkey strikes again: I took the opportunity to climb a sea grape tree

Boat Cassie Boricua
And check out some of the cool defunct boats

Next we went searching for a little nightlife. It was not the weekend yet, so we weren’t sure where to go. We ended up down in Boquerón! I don’t think Britton and I had been in Boquerón since our honeymoon. It’s such a fun and lively place. I loved all the live music and all the restaurants that are right on the water. We even danced a little salsa! So fun!

Britton and Cassie Dancing
Dancing in the street!

Britton and Cassie Boat
In Boquerón, most of the bars and restaurants back right up to the water!

Cassie and Pirate
Argh! Buy me a mojito, matey! I’m hooked!

Boqueron Galloways 11 years laterWe ate at a restaurant on the water that we could feed tarpon from the table. We went to this on our honeymoon! Crazy!

Whether we stay home in Rincón or venture out a little further, I am still just so delighted with this fun-loving island!

Here’s a quick video of our time in and around Boquerón.

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Guajataca Tunnel of Quebradillas

Posted by Cassie

Yesterday, our electrician friend Papo had to finish up some work with our friends, and invited us all to spend the rest of the day with him. Our friends declined, but Britton and I were up for the adventure. We got a late start and it was a little rainy out but we decided to go for it anyway. At our friends’ house we ate pollo al carbon con yuca y escabeche (rotisserie chicken with cassava and green banana) with a side of pinchos (chicken skewers) and fresh fruit and we stopped for gas. The tanks were all full and so we were ready to hit the road.

Papo and Britton with the truck

We loaded up into his large blue guagua and drove from Rincón to Quebradillas/Isabela listening to old Puerto Rican trio music and stopping occasionally for a beer or some ajonjoli (sesame) candies.

An example of Puerto Rican trio music

When we arrived it was a little before 6pm so we didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore. I definitely want to go back another time and see more of the area. The day was a little misty and the visibility wasn’t super great, but it sort of added to the post-apocalyptic feel of the place. Anything man-made looked run-down and falling apart. There were a couple loose dogs (satos) and some trash. Still it was a sort of spectacular find and I am surprised we hadn’t heard of it before.

Guajataca tunnel BK CKFirst we stopped at a look-out spot. Just behind our heads you can see the famous tunnel

Pasado Futuro
This apparently used to be a lively bar and restaurant. Now it looks like the scene from a sci-fi movie

The beach area was long and expansive, but there really wasn’t anyone there. Maybe during the weekends it fills up. The current looked strong and it was a bit rocky, so probably more of a beach hangout spot or possibly surfing rather than a swimming beach.

Beach Guajataca
Britton and Papo checking out the beach

We walked through the short tunnel that is dark enough to have bats flying around and a nice echo, but you could pretty much see the light the whole way through. Walking through there, you could feel a rich history of the place. Britton was just amazed at the amount of work it would have been to carve a tunnel and trench through this rock (his mind is always imagining himself doing the work -haha).

Guajataca tunnel
Guajataca Tunnel and friendly sato

I researched a little about this tunnel and learned that it was once part of the extensive railroad system in Puerto Rico and connected the town of Quebradillas with Isabela in order to better transport the sugar cane. I found this old photograph of it too.

Guajataca Tunnel and rail system -courtesy of the Univ of PR

Spanish Wal Guajatacal
There was a long wall built along the cliffs -built by Spaniards like most of them? No sé

Britton on rock
And some impressive rock out-croppings

Cassie Guajataca
Climbing to the top of the spiky rocks offered some beautiful views of the water below

There looked to be a couple of cave entrances along the cliff face, but it was far too dark to begin exploring them. Maybe another day.

In true Papo fashion, we ended up at a billiards bar and I beat both Britton and Papo at each game (not due to my skill, but my ability to NOT scratch the 8 Ball as they both did! ;-) ) This little bar was another great movie scene complete with the tacky mirror advertisements and a juke box playing Marc Anthony, Maná, Gran Combo and lots of other Puerto Rican musicians I had never heard of. A perfect setting! We rounded out the evening with empanadillas and pizza at a road-side food truck. The tanks were filled again: My brain was full of new Spanish words and Puerto Rican sights, my belly was full of beer and roadside food and my heart was full of love and gratitude.

Pool Billiards
Rack ‘em! They call them pequeñas y grandes instead of solids and stripes

I harken back to our day trips (Orocovis, Mar Chiquita, etc) with our friend Diosdado and am reminded and just so thankful for the hospitality of the people here. In Puerto Rico, it seems to me that if you are willing to hang out and have a good time, you won’t have any problem finding someone to do the same. Even in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. You just have to be up for the adventure!

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