Never Let Your Marbete Expire!

Posted by Cassie

Well, we knew better and yet it still happened to us. And this lesson was an expensive one.

Marbete ticket
Marbete tickets!

We totally forgot about renewing the marbete (the registration and compulsory insurance) this year. Nothing came in the mail and we drove about completely oblivious to the expired sticker on the windshield of the Mustang. Britton went out to run some errands and stop by the beach for a bit. When he was on his way back, he got pulled over by a motorcycle cop. He had no idea what he had done. Well, it wasn’t what he had done, but what he hadn’t done: renewed the marbete. And what a fine. $500 for lack of marbete and $200 for lack of inspection (that you get when you get your marbete). $700 for something he didn’t even know he was lacking! Yikes. He tried to explain in his broken Spanish to the officer, but it didn’t matter. He was getting the tickets.

Farmers Market
Selling our flowers at the farmer’s market in Rincon on Sundays

He was understandably upset, especially because we have been working to save up a bit more money working at the film sets, selling flowers and renting out the cabana. Pretty much all of that savings went *poof* with these tickets. I told him it was ok. We made a mistake. Things happen, but we should just go and get it taken care of. No sense in waiting. Plus we would need the marbete in order to keep driving the car. Luckily the police let him drive home. We’ve heard that they sometimes won’t even let you go. They will impound your car and make you find an alternative way home. Oh, joy! So…it could always be worse I suppose!

Adam Brody and Cassie
Working as an extra for the show “Start-up” with actor Adam Brody

So we took the truck (at least that marbete was up to date) to Aguadilla (since the Anasco offices are closed due to Maria) along with the “inspection” of the Mustang (they don’t actually inspect anything, they just print a paper for $16 saying you passed emissions testing). We paid the $180 for the new marbete and found that we would get 30% off the tickets if we paid them within 15 days of receipt; so we did. Once that pocket ache was finished, we decided it was time for treat. Off to the ice cream shop again.

Banana Split
Since I was a kid, ice cream has always cheered me up. A nice banana split

If you can learn from us, do! Never let your marbete expire. It is not worth it. The police rarely enforce any laws here. But that is one that they are super strict about. Don’t risk it, check monthly!

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2 thoughts on “Never Let Your Marbete Expire!

  1. Fran las Steve

    The police enforce the easy ones. They don’t like to chase cars for moving violations. We put marbete reminders on our calendars. If we haven’t teceived the notice by the first week of the month, we go online and print it out.

  2. Josh M

    Seeing the banana split reminded me of Banana Dang! I know they moved their store to California a few years ago, but they had a good run in Rincon. We visited Rincon in November of 2012 and stopped by their shop. We’re planning a return trip late this year and can’t wait to be back!

    Really enjoy reading your stories of adventure in PR!


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