Random Update: July 2017

Posted by Cassie

Once again it is time for the slices of life that don’t necessarily deserve a post of their own but have been fun and/or interesting.

We recently went to a beautiful celebration of life at a boutique resort in Añasco called Yukayeke. It was very touching.

Amazing sunset

Beach Memorial
Gathering of friends

Yukayeke pool Playing music at Yukayeke
And a pool party

Crab cage
It’s still crab (Juey) season here and a few people are out on the street offering them for sale

I love to stop and see the abandoned buildings and the fantastic graffiti art

Cassie mural


Even a flamingo!

We finally hung the closet pole and shelf!!

The cars on this island are almost as fun to watch as the people! So many questions…

One car
From this… a custom car that could never clear most of the potholes here

Two car
To this…a makeshift moving van?

Car balneario
To this…an abandoned and stripped out car. Why are there so many jugs of water?

Back at the farm, we’ve had quite the abundance of food and beauty!

Breadfruit – Pana in Spanish is also an expression here that means pal or friend

Peace Lily
Peace Lily is blooming

Our first limes from a tree we planted!

The cabin side of the property is filling in nicely with plants and the afternoon rains cause the quebrada to flow beneath the bridge

Ms Puerto Rico
The clothing selection in some stores is pretty fun -I had to try this one on: Ms Puerto Rico!

Broken Piraguas
Even the piragua cart breaks down sometimes!

Cassie and Britton
And the beach is always awaiting us


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2 thoughts on “Random Update: July 2017

  1. Leslie Castillo

    You guys have such a great life!!! I enjoy reading your posts and living vicariously through you until the day I move there. I’ll be in Rincon again in August maybe I’ll see you guys around.

  2. Lisette

    I recently moved to Aguada because my dad passed away and I wanted to be with my mom. Then my mom became ill and also passed away. I’m now trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I moved from New Jersey with my sons who are 14 and 17 and do not speak Spanish so it has been a challenge for them. I enjoy reading your posts because I feel like wow I’m not the only one that has seen some strange and some awesome things here in PR. I also enjoy discovering places that I didn’t know about but now have heard of because of your posts. I believe the first post I read was about the motor vehicle place when you were trying to get your licence. I had my adventures with that place so I could relate. One of the things that I love is the beaches and the sunsets. That is my favorite thing of living here. It has been the place that I go and feel like it’s like therapy for me. Maybe someday we cam meet. I don’t live far from Rincon.


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