Out and About Around Town in Photos: March/April 2016

Posted by Cassie

We have been busy at the finca, but we’ve also been out and about quite a bit. We always see such interesting things and have so much fun whenever we go out. I often don’t have the camera with me or I just miss something, but here are a few occasions where we managed to capture the moment just right.

Waves at the lighthouse
When the waves were up and kicking at the lighthouse

Britton Bar Cuajito
If you’re hanging out at a true Boricua bar, you’ll know it by the artwork on the walls, the generous amounts of mayo-ketchup you are served and the big pot of homemade cuajito on the counter -yum!

Rincon Continentals Daisy Playa
Our latest gig with our band the Rincón Continentals was at Playa Beach Bar -Yes, that translates to Beach Beach Bar -lol (photo thanks to Daisy)

Group photo
Mark, Ric, Chris, Me and Britton loading up gear and having fun after the show

Here’s a fun cover we do of Love Rollercoaster!

Beachy day
The sky and water have been so blue lately!

Slip n Slide easter
Epic Easter Party shenanigans at Summer and Stefan’s! Surfing down a slip ‘n slide! How cool is this! (Thanks to Missy for this photo!)

Speaker truck strange sights
Driving is ever the absurdity with speaker trucks like these!

Truck with no doors strange sights
Or monster trucks like this one without doors

Beach birthday party
And where is the best place for a kid’s birthday party (or anyone’s really)? The beach of course!

Computer repair island style strange sights
And it’s also apparently a good place for computer repair too! Who knew!? :-)

Boss chair pool
And you’ll really feel like a boss when you’re playing at a billiards hall furnished with office chairs! haha!

Car wash gas station view
And don’t forget to take in the most gorgeous ocean views while filling up with gas or washing your car!

How can you not love a place like this?! It’s so much fun!

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