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Quick Stop at the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Posted by Cassie

I’ve been wanting to stop by and see the Cabo Rojo lighthouse (Los Morillos) and Playuela for some time. We haven’t been since our honeymoon over 10 years ago! So we decided spur of the moment to go check it out. Unfortunately we got there just a little too late to go inside (it closes at 5pm), so we’ll have to come out another day. But because we arrived later, it wasn’t nearly as crowded and we got to see a beautiful sunset and the stars glow as dark descended. Southwestern Puerto Rico is a much harsher and drier environment compared with most of the rest of the island. When we were there the wind was pretty intense but the views were just incredible.

Cabo Rojo BK CK
In front of Faro Los Morillos in Cabo Rojo. I love the green shutters

Looking down at La Playuela at dusk. During the day it is a hugely popular beach. Just behind are the sea salt flats

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Cliff at the end of the world
Cliff at the end of the world

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Sunset
Sunset and the faro


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