Miracle Fruit Taste Tripping

Posted by Cassie

As part of the tropical fruit video series we’ve been doing, I decided miracle fruit should be next on the docket. We have three small trees and recently two of them started fruiting!

Miracle fruit
Miracle fruit berries growing on the tree

Miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a little different from most of the other fruits of the tropics because the fruit itself is not really so much a food as a food enhancer or transformer. It makes nearly anything sour taste sweet after eating just one berry! The effect on the taste buds lasts a little less than an hour depending on the person.

When Britton and I first tried it, we were amazed and astounded that foods like lemons and limes tasted like lemon merengue and limeade. So we brought a couple of berries to a party and everyone who tried it was also wowed by the powers of this fruit. We did learn that not everything sour should be changed however! At the party wine changed to a flat Dr. Pepper taste and Medalla tasted watered down. The reactions people had to this amazing fruit gave me the idea to get a few friends together to try miracle fruit for themselves. This video is the result. Not only does the video demonstrate the magic of miracle fruit, but it also showcases some of the wonderful and adventurous people who live in/near Rincon. Enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Miracle Fruit Taste Tripping

  1. Karen

    We just did this too while my daughter was visiting us here in vega baja, except we had to resort to ordering from amazon, one day we will hopefully have our own tree. We tried a lot of sour fruit, vinegars, peanut butter, just anything we could get our hands on. We had watched this fruit documentary on netflix and that’s when we learned about miracle fruit. Mother nature is pretty amazing.


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