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Posted by Britton

Cassie and I have been discussing a lot of things (as you can imagine) in regards to our upcoming move.  We wanted to be sure this site would be up and running, and hopefully that it would pay for itself as one of our goals.

We have had, as some have noticed, a google adsense ad on the sidebar.  At first I put it on there just to see what would happen.  It doesn’t pay much, if hardly anything, but  over time it has paid for the webhost and the domain name registration for this site for the next 3 years.  Mission accomplished.

In the struggle to live a more authentic life,  we have decided that it was time to cut it off.  It doesn’t fit our site.  What we would much rather do is advertise local businesses or friends.  Or things that we ourselves have checked out or believe in.

The adsense ad was spitting out some things that threw us off, like a vacation resort when we are talking about how un-authentic and fake resorts are.  Or since Cassie had looked up some tobacco information, she was sent advertisements for Snuff.  Something that she is very against on many levels.  We have received feedback from a few of our visitors and agree with the perspective that it doesn’t…really…fit.

So anyhow, we now have an ad policy!  Weird.

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