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Flashback to Puerto Rico: August 10-11, 2005

Posted by Cassie

This is the 4th Part in the Honeymoon Flashback Series.  I would like to finish sharing this whole journal that we wrote on our honeymoon in 2005 before we leave to start our new Puerto Rico life adventure this fall 2013. Go here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Our First Trip to Rincon

Yesterday we went to the Arecibo Observatory and saw the largest radio telescope in the world. It was very interesting to see and quite a hike to the top, but not a whole lot more to it. The small visitors’ room didn’t have a whole lot in it.

Arecibo Radio Telecope Dish in the jungles of Puerto Rico

We traversed the winding roads back to Highway 2 and around to Rincon where we are now in a little hotel called Coconut Palms which is also owned by a mainland American. She told us her experiences traveling there, moving part time and eventually living here for good. It really does seem even more feasible to do it! We have decided to stay another night and leave Saturday morning for our next adventure.

At Coconut Palms in Rincon on our honeymoon

It has been nice and relaxing; swimming and drinking beer. They even have a grill outside for us to cook on. We have been watching MTV in the air-conditioned room a little because it has been raining a lot. The rainy season. But it doesn’t last long and we then go swimming or walking up and down the beach. We might go out to a local bar tonight.

Enjoying Rincon

At the Rincon Lighthouse

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