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Memorial Day Weekend and Flowers from the Yard

Posted by Cassie

This weekend on Friday we went to the kick-off of the Friday Fest series that happens every summer in Greeley.

Friday Fest1 crazy
Circus-style fun in Downtown Greeley

It was more extravagant than usual with a huge 10-piece funk band called the Moses Jones Band, performance art, hula hoops, people walking on stilts and open cup drinks from all the downtown bars. Britton and I rode our bikes there as we usually do and had a fun evening.

Saturday we went to a brunch with friends again to help work on the chicken coop some more and then we had plans to meet up with some other friends for a BBQ. We spent a lot of time in our yard doing some gardening, planting weeding and enjoying the nice weather. Here are a few of the beautiful flowers currently growing in our yard!

Bleeding heart
Bleeding Hearts

Columbine, Colorado’s state flower

Lily FLower
Lily Plant Leaves


LupineLupine and a white wildflower

Orange FlowerOrange Wildflower

Purple PhloxPurple Phlox with flax in the background

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