And Then We Can

Posted by Britton

Well I have been back in CO now for a few days and am getting back into the flow of this time zone.  It does take quite a bit to adjust 3 time zones and back again.  Since I have been back I noticed that I am very excited to really get going in PR.

The roof project and mowing down the front and back yard is a very small start to what we would like to do.  All of our conversations start with “And then we can…..”.  This is a great sign as it shows how excited we are to move.

Woke Up and Went Swimming Here On the Last Trip to Rincon

One of the first things we want to do when we arrive is to start planting trees:  banana, orange, grapefruit, avocado, plantain and anything that is fruit producing.  We figure we need to get as early a start on this as possible.  Along with this is to get a flock of chickens going.  And then we can get going on the wood house, and then we can get goats, and then we can build a water catchment system and then we can plant potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and then we can.  “And then we can” is endless.

When I visit the property I get a surge of energy.  We have come a long way and sometimes I still can’t believe it.

And then we can paint whatever picture we want on our newest canvas of life.

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5 thoughts on “And Then We Can

  1. Annie

    Fantastic! A truly new chapter is beginning. The beach looks great.

    We hit our beach yesterday — 80 degrees. We only have room for arugula, herbs, one orange tee and tomatoes, but it’s a start.

    You’re gonna love it.

  2. Don

    Wish you and BRitton the best in PR Rincon is a nice place to be.What are you
    and Britton planing to do for a living down there?

  3. Cassie

    Hi Don,
    Essentially, we are planning on bringing a substantial savings and living on the income from our rentals initially. Then we will see what opportunities come up down there. Depending on our expenditures, we figure we could live on that pretty much indefinitely.

    Once we fix the wood house and move in there, we can rent out our studio cabana and possibly build more cabanas on the 4 acres. We also plan on having chickens and food plants, so perhaps we will sell those. We would also like to expand our online and passive incomes. Britton may also work remote in his current position for a time, but we are not planning for that.
    Other skills from our current lives that we have that may be useful there also include translation/interpretation, community outreach, grant writing, program coordination, health education and care, art, design, teaching and writing/editing for me and computer repair, web hosting, database administration, mechanical repair of all sorts (cars, power tools, etc), piloting, art and guitar/bass talents for BK.

    So if you know of something (preferably part time), let us know. :-)

  4. Don

    By mistake I send you and e mail that was not done yet.I have a project
    but I am not shure how feasible it is at this point? I have some land in Quebradillas,PR. that I like to put a modest house on or buy a modest house
    and repair it, I hve some money but not all the money. I thought about some
    body design a website for me where I will like five puertorican recipes and if people like the recipes they can make a donation and the money wouldt go to some bank or entity would hold and this money wold go only for a modest house and I can’t used the moneyfor something else. Then everybody who donated can have free lodging for a vacation if they chose to. And the only help I would need would be for utilities.I am not shure if this is feasible or I may qualify for a grant on these.? Any comments will appreciated. You people have a lot of skills you nshould do well in PR. Wish you the best.


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