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What We’ve Been Up To

Posted by Cassie

Not a whole lot to talk about right now, but I thought I could at least give a little update. Britton and I continue to work and work, saving up and planning our escape. It’s also fall, so we’ve felt the transition in our bodies. And we wonder if we will get that seasonal mood change in Puerto Rico? Or maybe just ever so slightly? Hmm. Here we definitely have been getting the pull to move less, and eat more which is exactly the opposite of what we love to do in the summer. We did take part in our first 5K that was sponsored by my work. You can read about it here at  The Rad Dish. And speaking of…I continue to write health education tips and recipes for that site which has been a lot of fun.

At the 5K race

Britton has had to work some pretty crazy hours with his on-call schedule and its really burning him out. Some days he’s been putting in 15 hour days and having to wake up at 2am for some upgrade or another. And then Schnoodle wakes him up just as he’s falling asleep at 3am. Brutal schedule. I am enjoying my work and like that I can get out of the office about half the time to do my inspections. My other position coordinating the health disparities grant working with the health promotoras is going well. And we are hiring for our division director and two new health educators as well. So lots of change and movement in my office.

I recently gave a presentation to the Colorado Minority Health Commission

I’m working on another  personal project with a group of women to interview inspiring women. That should be interesting. I’m also hoping to attend a seminar series with Britton that my friend recommended. Britton, Kelly, Todd and I have also signed up for a basic yoga class at the Greeley Fun Plex. It should be worth the laugh if nothing more! :-)

We are loving our choice to move to a property management company for our rentals. We will still need to move one more as well as our personal house when we move, but so far, it has been great. Worry-free! The first of the month comes around and we don’t fret like we used to.

We are trying to decide if we want to go down to Puerto Rico this November or January. I think Britton at least wants to go down there and fix things up a little. I’m not sure if I want to go or instead save up my energy and anticipation for the big move. The 12 hours worth of red-eye traveling there and 12 hours back just drains me. I’d much rather wait for the one-way ticket. But we’ll see. The sleepless, insomniac traveling doesn’t seem to bother Britton as much as me.

We have a few other things going on with friends and family such as the transformation of the tree stump at my mom’s house that should be pretty cool. Britton and I are also continuing with our weight loss goals through Weigh and Win (check that link to see my then and now -in August- weight loss). We’ve both lost 10 lbs so far and should be receiving our $15 incentive card any day now.

The house is currently empty (besides us) as our last medical student left at the end of August, but we usually get a new student about every other month or so. It’s a nice balance.

All in all everything is still chugging away. Keeping busy, seeing friends and family, starting and finishing new projects at work and home. Now that I’ve written it all down, I guess we have been up to quite a bit! :-)

And King Kitty and the other animals are doing just fine! :-)


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