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Greeley Block Party

Posted by Cassie

On the Friday night of the Nunn fire, Britton and I were still blissfully unaware. We didn’t find out about it until after we got home that night. We had gone out to dinner and then headed over to the 16th Street Block party. It was a lot of fun and free! They had closed down one block on 9th Ave between 15th and 16th Streets. We were there to catch the last two bands including Churchill who has a song on the radio.

Standing by the sign and the block party with stage in background

It was a cool, eerie night with the full blue moon (and people on top of houses)

Lots of people -especially college students since it was right by UNC

Churchill is a local Colorado band who headlined the block party

Here is their most famous song:

We were on the upper-end of the ages there, but we still had a fun time

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