Our Hot Summer Yard

Posted by Cassie

The heat hasn’t let up. The plants that have enough water seem to love it though! The greenhouse is of course a jungle once again. Kitty, Schnoodle and the chickens hang out outside all day and always find the shadiest places to rest.

Kitty resting by the garden

When chickens are hot they breathe through their mouths

Since we planted watermelon, cantaloupe, squash and cucumbers, I am not exactly sure yet which this one will be

We have a ton of plums and peaches growing! Yum!!

In about a week we will be inundated with ripe cherry tomatoes!


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2 thoughts on “Our Hot Summer Yard

  1. Rosa

    hey, your tomatoes look bigger than my tomatoes :) Well, the plant got some type of a leaf fungus :( but I enjoyed my first try at growing veggies. Will do it again next summer.

  2. katrina kruse

    Rosa – tomatoes don’t like water on their leaves and they don’t like humidity. Tomatoes are really hard here in PR. I have had the best luck with them fruiting in Dec – Feb. In Washington I had them in pots I could roll in and out of the rain. Cherry tomatoes are your best bet (but I want the big ones!). Those look like good size cherries Cassie – I’ve got puny ones with thick skins here but that is all gonna change soon!


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