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Colorado’s October Snow

Posted by Cassie

Nearly every year in Colorado, you can expect the first snowfall to come at the end of October. I remember growing up, we used to go trick-or-treating on snowy Halloweens all the time. We would have to wear huge coats over our cute costumes, so that even if we were a witch or pumpkin or skeleton, we really just looked like cold snowy kids with masks or paint on our faces.

Early this morning -lots of drooping sad trees -even our peach tree!!

This year followed the tradition, but just a few days early. We went from 80 degrees on Monday to low 30s. And here in Greeley it wasn’t just a light dusting of snow either. They are saying close to a foot or possibly more has fallen since last night when it changed from rain to snow. All through the night our power was going off and on and woke us up about 4 times. When we looked outside by 4am everything was glowing from the white sheet that lay across the ground, trees and houses.

The snow is as tall as Schnoodle

School District 6 is closed as is UNC and some other institutions had delays, but not my work; I had to roll out of our nice warm bed (with our flannel sheets and down comforter) and into the cold white world. The trees were all drooping from the weight of the snow on their still-leafed limbs and there were quite a few broken branches littering the roads.

The young chickens don’t know what to do in the snow and Kitty got to sleep inside last night (he is usually a mostly-outdoor cat).  Schnoodle also got to stay inside during the day for the first time since her bloody incident. But she did venture out for a little while…


What I was really worried about though, was our poor Lil Big Apple trees. It was as if they were no longer there!

That little blip in front of the rose bush is supposed to be our apple tree!

So I went over to uncover them…Sorry the video is so crazy. I was trying to film while at the same time shoveling myself a path from one tree to the other.


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