Daily Archives: October 1, 2011

Los Animales

Posted by Cassie

Today’s Spanish tip will cover some animals. Animals may be called different things in different parts of the world, but these should cover some of the more common ones.

Gato -Cat
Perro -Dog
Mouse -Raton
Ave/Pajaro- Bird
Oso- Bear
Elefante- Elephant
Tigre- Tiger
Leon -Lion
Pollo- Chicken
Gallina -Hen
Gallo- Rooster
Cabra -Goat
Aguila -Eagle
Gusano -Worm
Pez/Pescado -Fish
Vaca -Cow
Toro -Bull
Caballo -Horse
Burro- Donkey
Insecto -Insect
Pato- Duck
Sapo -Frog
Mono- Monkey
Abeja -Bee

There are so many animals out there, but this can help get you started on your animal vocab. Enjoy!

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