Curanderismo, Swimming, Bicycling, and Fence Building!

Posted by Cassie

This weekend has been very busy. Even busier than my three-day birthday weekend! On Friday night we had a visitor come to our house. My friend Ofelia told me about this man she met in Juarez, Mexico who is a curandero, or traditional folk healer and also a sobador – a type of healer who uses touch to heal -sort of like a masseuse. Anyway, she said he was coming to Colorado to do some sobaduras to various people and she had told him about me and how Britton and I would at some point like to have a child but were not, as of yet, able to. So he wanted to see us. So Friday night he visited with us and my mom as well and talked with us quite a bit in Spanish which I mostly understood correctly. A lot of his advice was spiritual in nature, but some of it was pretty down to Earth as well.

Then he basically gave each of us a chiropractic session popping my back and twisting my arms and legs. It was kind of awkward but also pretty interesting. I didn’t feel any differently after, just as I didn’t really feel any differently after 4 months of acupuncture, but what the heck! Worth a shot and he only took donations so…we thought it would be an experience. Which it was, if nothing else.

Later that evening we went over to a party for a little while.  Saturday morning Britton went about building a fence gate for his parents at their house. After he was done with all that work for the day, we decided to go swimming at Centennial Pool which was so nice and refreshing since it was about 100 degrees and super sunny out.

With friends at the Moonlight Bike Ride

Saturday evening, though, we went to the 2011 Greeley Moonlight Bike Ride. We went last year and knew it was a blast, so we encouraged some of our friends and family to come out as well. My mom and her companion Anthony came as well as our friends Matt and Jamie and daughter. It was a long ride with a lot of uphill pedaling so we were pooped out by the end. Still, we ended up winning a gift certificate to the Texas Roadhouse and had free sandwiches at the end of the event. It was fun even if it was about a 13-14 mile ride!

Today Britton finished up the fence gate, we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, and then just hung out at home. We watched a movie, went grocery shopping and cleaned the house a little. It was a fun and very busy summer weekend! Now, back to work!! :-P

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One thought on “Curanderismo, Swimming, Bicycling, and Fence Building!

  1. linnykins

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    The moonlight bike ride sounds like fun, that’s brave of you to let him do a chiro session on you. I’d be worried that they’d do something wrong…


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