Paso a Paso en Puerto Rico

Posted by Cassie

Well, we have been pretty busy these last few days. We went to San Juan with Awilda to help her deliver some pasteles, pick up yuca and other supplies and talk with Carlos, the lawyer in charge of the property proceedings. While at the meeting with Carlos, Britton asked Awilda for the deposit back and…after delaying and trying to put it off, she finally wrote out a check a day later after he asked her again about three times. It is a great weight off our shoulders, but I am sure that the weight has now been placed firmly on hers. But really, I think we have been pretty patient considering we gave the money over a year ago with nothing to show from it…They can’t sell the property and don’t know when they can. Soon, it is alway soon, they say, but never is. Paso a paso (step by step).

So we are still in line if we are interested in purchasing it at some unforeseen moment in the future, but we are also now free to look without worrying about getting our money back, and she is free to look for a buyer who can buy it without a properly filed title. (Good luck!)

After that drama and awkwardness, we decided to get together with Dios Dado, the man we met on the airplane on the way in. We met him in el centro de Lares at the famous Heladeria where they have a variety of ice cream flavors including rice and beans! As we were trying to find a parking space some dude in a big ol’ pick up truck backed right into us and then ran off! Luckily it only left a minor scratch in the front fender where the rental car was already scratched. Hopefully the rental car people don’t notice. Crazy drivers, seriously!

After enjoying our ice cream and hearing a history lesson about the area from Dios Dado (who is very knowledgeable and a former history teacher), we followed him up to Arecibo to park our car in front of one of his friends’ house. They invited us in to have lunch. I think that was the best meal we have had since we have been here, and we have had some tasty food. They fixed up some habichuelas, arroz, ensalada, tostones, chuletas de cerdo, jugo de naranja and quesitos! It was awesome. I now know what really good Puerto Rican food should taste like. It is a lot different than the vegan versions that Awilda has served.

After telling chistes, talking about antiques, and telling travel stories, we headed off to some of the north coast beaches. Dios Dado took us to Arecibo, Manati, Barceloneta, and Vega Baja. It was a windy day and the waves were high. We saw an old abandoned mansion that Britton says would be great for playing paintball (they call it “Gotcha” here). It was an awesome day. Thanks Dios Dado!

Even the trees are dancing!

Later that evening we drove back “home” through the fog and rain. It was kind of cool knowing we were basically driving through a cloud at the top of the mountain. Sometimes I think about that part in “Batman” where his cave mansion appears after a curve in the road on a foggy night. That’s how it was last night. Anyway, it has been a very interesting trip so far, and there is more to come! Stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “Paso a Paso en Puerto Rico

  1. Annie

    Great pictures — cool beaches, hot food, warm friends, what more could you ask for? — thanks for sharing (what are quesitas, little pieces of cheese? Do they have good beer, Britton?.) As for Lares, I think you are wise to “keep looking.” Needles in hay stacks are worth the wait, and you sound like you are having fun looking! The journey is the destination.

    Just got back from Santa Barbara and California (M – F) and Zion National Park hike today. Raining like crazy in California today but it was in the 80′s on MTW.

    Love, A

  2. Fran and Steve

    How cool that you met such a nice guy on the plane! That Puerto Rican hospitality is one of the things I’m looking forward to. I love your beach video and music. Makes me homesick! I’m glad you got your deposit issue resolved and now you can look for a “bona fide” property closer to the Rincon area. We would have bought land on the west coast (instead of Maunabo) had it not been for my need to be closer to San Juan. It is a beautiful area, and very accepting of mainlanders.
    I wonder how many of your to-do items you will have in fact done by the time you leave… I remember our lists that never got more than half done. But we always had more fun than we expected to! Fran

  3. Britton


    The only thing more I could ask for is to not have to go back to work!! But thats ok for now. After talking to locals we are finding that just about everything is for sale so I am sure a great deal will come along when the time is right. The journey has been pretty crazy and now that we are looking back on our trip I think we could write a few short stories that would be very interesting.

    Santa Barbara sounds nice, I want to visit my friend Damon there sometime or if you guys move back we could visit you both! Oh and the quesitos we had were like little pastries filled with cream cheese. Very good!


    Fran and Steve,

    Dios Dado is really nice. We talked about maybe going to Nicaragua and meeting up there sometime in December. He has some friends that he knows and it sounds like an interesting place. We still need to check on our to-do list we have kind of just gone day by day with our agenda.

    Im very glad we got the deposit issue resolved. Alwilda talked to us last night and I think that both of us understand each others situation and we will continue to be friends for a long time. She is a very unique lady and pretty smart to boot.


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